Powerful healing Session (163РА) Мощный лечебный Сеанс

Дарю этот сеанс всем людям нашей Земли.Чтобы принять сеанс, надо сказать: Прошу моё Высшее Я принять сеанс от Игоря. После сеанса сказать: Благодарю Игоря за сеанс!

I give this session to all the people of our Earth.To accept the session, you have to say, I ask my Higher Self to take a session from Igor. After the session, you should say thank Igor for a session!

To my dear friends / listeners: I am not asking for any money for my sessions nor am I giving you any websites, I have no selfish motives. These sessions come from a pure heart, if you like them, I only ask you to share them with your close friends / relatives. Let everyone feel good and heal themselves,not just you! When all the people around you are happy, healthy and soulful, then the world will be a better place for All!

Расскажите о нас!

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